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Ragged Mountain Ski Patrol is proud to announce that the 2019-2020 JetBlue™  winner was D. Rodgers of Windham, NH.  Congratulations

Ragged Mountain Ski Patrol (RMSP) is proud to be working with JetBLUE™, a premier airline providing exceptional services throughout the United States.  JetBLUE™ has generously donated tickets for flights which are being raffled off as a fundraiser.  RMSP and its members are a volunteer organization serving the ski area since the 1970s.  All the training, first responder education, and professional credentialing activities pursued by RMSP for the benefit of its volunteer members are done under our non-profit organization which is a 501(c)(3).

Raffle tickets sell for $100.00 each and will be limited to just 25.  The raffle winner will be pulled and announced at the Ragged Mountain Resort’s New Year’s Eve Party on December 31, 2019.  Tickets are available as a direct purchase from members of Ragged Mountain Ski Patrol.

To inquire about purchasing tickets to participate in the Ragged Mountain Ski Patrol — JetBLUE™ fundraiser, scroll down and fill out the form.

JetBLUE™ has set several popular 2020 travel dates as blacked out for eligibility for this offer:


  1. 1/1 to 1/5  New Years holiday for all destinations
  2. 1/17 to 1/20  MLK Day holiday for all destinations
  3. 1/30 to 2/3 Super Bowl 2020 to South Florida destinations
  4. 2/13 to 2/23  President’s Day holiday for all destinations
  5. 2/20 to 2/26 Mardi Gras/Carnival for the following destinations:  MSY, POS, GND
  6. 3/12 to 3/23  South by Southwest in Austin TX
  7. 4/6 to 4/20  Easter for all destinations
  8. 4/16 to 4/20  Patriot’s Day for New England destinations
  9. 5/21 to 5/25  Memorial Day for all destinations
  10. 7/2 to 7/6  Independence Day for all destinations
  11. 9/3 to 9/7  Labor Day for all destinations
  12. 10/8 to 10/12 Columbus Day holiday for all destinations
  13. 11/4 to  11/9  NJ Teachers Convention from NYC – Florida/Caribbean
  14. 11/20 to 11/30  Thanksgiving holiday for all destinations
  15. 12/18 to 1/6/2021  Christmas and New Years holiday for all destinations

Please click to download the JetBLUE™ Terms and Conditions document 

Headquarters is the landing page for members of Ragged Mountain Ski Patrol.  This website opens a portal delivering news relevant to a large organization of professional Ski Patrollers serving the public that chooses a day of skiing at Ragged Mountain Resort, in Danbury, New Hampshire.

Every year a handful of Ski Patrolling positions open up.  If you have an interest in learning about the profession of Ski Patrolling, watch the video located here and feel free to contact the Patrol Director using the Contact form below.  If you are on the slopes at Ragged, please stop into one of the top shacks to inquire and meet the patrol.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTION: How can I become a Ski Patroller at Ragged Mountain Resort?

ANSWER:  Review the information on this page, download the Resort Application and fill out the form below to tell us about why you want to join our profession.

Ragged Mountain Ski Patrol (RMSP) often has a hand full of openings at two different levels:  experienced Paid Professionals and Volunteer Patrollers.  Reaching out to the Patrol Director (PD) is the best place to start.  Before October first, use the Contact Form below to submit an email to the PD.  Prospective Ski Patrollers are required to attain an “Outdoor Emergency Care” (OEC) technician’s certificate during their training period.  The New Hampshire Region NSP teaches the OEC First-Responder course every odd-numbered year at McIntyre Ski Area in Manchester, NH.  The Region course is a feeder designed to serve any of the New Hampshire and Massachusetts ski resorts with qualified emergency technicians.  If you are a licensed EMT, you may elect a bridging module and a challenge exam.  Ragged’s ski patrol trainers are available during the winter season to prepare for the exam.  Details about OEC courses can be found on the NH Region NSP website, other ski resorts offer the courses, and we can help find one close to where you live.

To join you will need a PD interview.  The best time to get an interview is during the ski season before joining an OEC Course.  Contact Ragged’s PD, and you will receive a complimentary ticket to ski with the Patrol.  Ragged Mountain Ski Patrol is looking for prospective patrollers who are open to learning what becoming a Ski Patroller means.  Your first season will be a probationary season which includes a self-paced training program.  RMSP offers many opportunities for continued training in: on the snow emergency medical scenarios; skiing/snowboarding skill clinics; and rescue toboggan handling.  We prefer Patrol candidates that enjoy training and are open to developing new skills as they grow into the patrolling lifestyle.  Intermediate skiers are favored because our training opportunities fit best with their needs.

If you always imagined yourself Ski Patrolling, consider checking out the training opportunity we offer.  It’s hard work, but very satisfying!  Contact the PD and spend the day with us on the snow to see if a Patrolling lifestyle is for you.

Download a Ragged Mountain Resort Emplotment Application

Email the Patrol Director